Advanced Telematics Solutions for Commercial Vehicles

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We live in a country that has over 230 million registered vehicles and over 600 million people who rely on these vehicles for daily transportation. To effectively monitor fleet operations of such a vast transportation industry, getting real-time data on the quality and performance of vehicles becomes a critical aspect of fleet operations.

Not only in transportation but every fleet-relying industry such as logistics, construction, agriculture, utilities, etc. needs solutions that can help them maximize their fleet’s productivity, minimize maintenance costs, ensure safety and augment scalability. This is where Advanced Telematics solutions come into the picture. But before we dive deeper to know about them, let’s understand fleet telematics first.

What is Fleet Telematics?

Fleet Telematics is a technology that uses a combination of telecommunications and informatics to allow fleet managers to monitor, track and manage a fleet of vehicles. It empowers GPS trackers to source data from sensors and OBD to transmit data over a long distance. This tracker consists of GNSS receivers that determine the precise location of the vehicles. GPS tracker further converts the collected data into packets and sends real-time updates to the software.

This way, Fleet Telematics makes it an easier task for fleet managers to monitor their vehicles and know about the whereabouts of vehicles. Several solutions come under Telematics, and each of them is discussed below;


Fleet Telematics Solutions and their role in enhancing fleet productivity

Fleet Telematics Solutions are systems designed to monitor and manage fleets of vehicles using telematics technology. These solutions increase the accessibility of fleet managers to vehicles operating in remote locations. How? By offering valuable insights into their performance.

  • Go beyond location tracking

Telematics solutions allow fleet managers to do much more than track the location of their vehicles. Since they get remote accessibility to the vehicles they can efficiently monitor routes, plan more efficient trips and avoid delayed responses to any unexpected incidents.

  • Reduce fuel consumption

With the help of route planning and real-time fuel monitoring, fleet managers can plan the most suitable routes that will lead to lesser fuel consumption. Also, through precise fuel reports, they get to know the fuel consumption level with respect to distance, time, and ignition on and off.

  • Monitor driver behaviour at every step

Telematics solutions track harmful driver behaviours such as overspeeding, harsh braking and idling. This lets fleet managers identify these patterns and implement driver feedback and training programs to ensure the safety of their vehicles and lesser fuel usage.

  • Identify underperforming vehicles

With the help of Video Telematics and driver behaviour analysis, the working hours of drivers can be easily monitored. Also, the in-cabin activities and the on-road activities of the driver with respect to the vehicle get supervised by the fleet managers. This makes it easier for them to identify underperforming vehicles. In cases where vehicle idling is constantly increasing, they can take immediate action.

  • Extend the life of fleets

With the help of round-the-clock data that fleet managers get through Telematics solutions, they can reduce the downtime of their vehicles by scheduling repairs in advance. How? By Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports, they get to know which components of the vehicle need repairs. This saves them from unexpected breakdowns and extends the life of fleets.

  • Ensure fleet safety and compliance

Telematics solutions support compliance by monitoring certain factors such as whether drivers are wearing seatbelts or adhering to the speed limits. Thus, reassuring fleet managers about their vehicle and asset safety.

  • Develop accountable and efficient drivers

When drivers know that managers are tracking their steps, they would eventually become more attentive towards their driving practices. With the help of training sessions, they would get a chance to unlearn harmful driving. Thus, they would become more accountable.

Let us sum up the Benefits of Fleet Telematics for you!

  • Enables fleet managers to keep track of every aspect of their vehicles including fuel levels, in-cabin activities of drivers, driver working hours, location of the vehicle and whatnot.
  • Helps in reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the safety of vehicles, drivers and consignment through Video telematics.
  • Minimizing fuel costs and fuel wastage with Fuel Monitoring software.
  • Automatically helps in increasing the alertness and productivity of the drivers as they know that they are being monitored.
  • As the risk of accidents reduces, fleet managers don’t have to worry about drivers getting indulged in legal matters.
  • Helps fleet managers in distinguishing wrongful driving behaviour patterns.

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